Overnight with Oscar, Metal Club

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Puppets. Metal Club. Arts and Crafts. Alleyway.

Host: Oscar Benitez, Flowerpot Steve/Mr. Chimpley: Nick Beake, Charl: Garrett Johnson, Shelly: Alexandra Williams, Mr. Butterbean: Andrew Bucholtz, Guest: Brett Johnson, Musical Act: Alleyway Director: Conner Zornow, Assistant Director: Amanda Beistel, Technical Director: Nicholas Wiesman, Soundboard OP: Sam Mueller, Teleprompter: Eric Royce, Master Control: Sam Ellyson, Camera 1: Chase Reljic, Camera 2: Will Bartel, Camera 3: Dakota Schraufragel, Boom OP, Austin Roth, Live Sound Mixer: Nate Wolkoff, Sound Assistant: Matt Holajn, Production Designer: Alexandra Williams.

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