Touch of Reality: Luna

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Buck: Matt Peplinski; Max: Oscar Benitez; Aaron: Isaac Davis; Director: Blake Nowak; Writer: Nick Williams; Producers: Trayc Patchin, Blake Nowak, Nick Williams, Executive Producer: Taylor Wheeler; Cinematographer: Ryan Kimball; Drone Footage: Dakota Schaufnagel; Assistant Director: Yu Yang; Sound Engineer: Casper Holtzen; Assistant Sound: Austin Roth; Gaffers: Nick Williams and Trayc Patchin; Production Designers: Lexie Williams; Assistant Production Designers: Martin Bauer, Pamela Wheeler, and Taylor Wheeler; Assistant Camera: Cora Seibt; Script Supervisor: Damon Gumbert, Martin Bauer, and Lexie Williams; Set Photographer: Dakota Schaufnagel; Editor: Lucas Hanson; Assistant Editors: Joey French and Nick Williams; Sound Editor: Casper Holtzen; Assistant Sound Editors: Ben Peters and Lucas Hanson; Main theme by Noah Eckstein

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