Curtain Call: Episode 1

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A group of four mix-matched students come together to write their University's musical.

Liam: AJ Zemke, Julia: Abby Adams, Sophie: Carson Werlein, Collin: Jacob Beyer Executive Producer: Cole Boettcher; Technical Producer: Amanda Beistle; Set Producer: Abby Adams; Post-Production Producer: Trevor Woloszyk; Writer: Cole Boettcher; Director: Amanda Beistle; Assistant Director: Trevor Woloszyk; Techincal Director: Brandon Fuller; Floor Director: Cole Boettcher; Master Control: Lexee Wright; Audio Operators: Taylor Mueller, Sam Burke, Matilda Cretens, Cal Cotnoir, Sara Mikos; Camera Operators: Steven Devine, Echo Watters, Bailey Paterson, Dyson Webster, Chris Bjornstal, Crystal Perez; Editors: Lexee Wright, Trevor Woloszyk

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