You Got This!: Episode 5

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You Got This! is a competition based craft show, where three contestants will try their best to recreate do-it-yourself craft!. As one may think, the final crafts don't always turn out great, but whichever crafter shows the judges 'they've got this!' they will take home the prize at the end of the episode.

Judge 1- Marissa Hart Judge 2- Noah Gospodarek Host- Andrew Mertins Crafter 1- Jackie Stumpner Crafter 2- Rebecca Mularski Crafter 3- Emmalie Gobner "Director- Rachel Bays AD- Lydia Sanchez TD- Brett Johnson Floor Director- Cailynn Carlson Audio- Brandon Fuller Teleprompter- Trisha Naedler Camera 1- Sydney Pomrenmp Camera 2- Kyle Winek Camera 3- Mason Kirby Camera 4- Neal Hogden Master- Abbot Manecke

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