Comedy Kosh, Episode 2

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This episode includes terrible rain delay commentary, dramatic detectives, and what not to do at the gym. Join host Aaron Heiliger for Comedy Kosh’s second episode for plenty of laughs.

Host: Aaron Heiliger Cast: Aaron Townsend, James Barnes, Ryan Knuteson, James Barnes, Luke Schwan, Sam Troz, Sabine-Johanna Perry, Jacob Lefeber, Matt Nielsen, Andrea Ewald, Drew Schuessler, Walter Blakey, Marcus Westphal, Sherry McMahon, Brian Kachelmeyer, Jarek Kreitz Executive Producer: Lisa Donner Producers: Andrew Trainor, Sherry McMahon, Amanda Cartwright, Brian Kachelmeyer, Matt Nielsen Writers: Sam Troz, Andrew Trainor, Amanda Cartwright, Grant Henke, Jeff Piacenza, Matt Nielsen, James Barnes Directors: Lisa Donner, Amanda Cartwright, Andrew Trainor, Brian Kachelmeyer Studio Camera Director: Ben Steffen Studio Technical Director: Luke Iverson Cinematography: Connor Madison, Sam Troz

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1/21 at 3:30 PM