Comedy Kosh, Episode 3

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Ever wonder how British Newscasters act in a coffee shop? Or have you ever wondered the stages of Binge watching, or what an awkward pizza delivery is like? You can find all of this in Episode 3 of Comedy Kosh, hosted by Sherry McMahon.

Host: Sherry McMahon Cast: Luke Schwan, Sam Troz, Janelle Schmidt, Reegan Wallander, Brian Kachelmeyer, Connor Madison, Jarek Kreitz , Ryan Knuteson, Aaron Townsend, Casey Nelson, Andrew Severson, Andrew Trainor, Grant Henke, Tyler Stricker, Marcus Westphal Executive Producer: Lisa Donner Producers: Andrew Trainor, Amanda Cartwright, Sherry McMahon, Brian Kachelmeyer Directors: Lisa Donner, Amanda Cartwright, Andrew Trainor, Abbey Jorgenson, Grant Henke Cinematography: Connor Madison, Kurt Rolfson Studio Camera Director: Ben Steffen Technical Director: Luke Iverson Editors: Noah Savoie, Char Cocciola, Kristina Frank, Jessica Hesselink, Luke Iverson, Ethan VerKuilen, Patrick Stevens Writers: Kurt Rolfson Grant Henke Andrew Trainor Amanda Cartwright Megan Lemire Janelle Schmidt

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1/21 at 4:00 PM