Friends Without Benefits - "Living Well is the Best Revenge"

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Jamie and Michael find a way to live with each other, while Fitz finds himself with a surprising female friend.

Jamie: Abigail Jorgenson Micheal: Benjamin Anderson Brittany: Andrea Ewald Zoe: Chee Xiong Fitz: Luke Schwan Lisa the Co-worker: Ariel Glassman Brad Bradley: William Keizer Hallway Larry: Aaron Hetzel Drunk Girl: Reegan Wallander Club Extras: Dylan Erickson Aaron Hetzel Luke Iverson Natalie Schuster Luke Schwan Andrew Severson Adam Steinbach Chee Xiong Crew: "Created by Justine Braun Director Justine Braun Executive producer Justine Braun Producers Charlene Cocchiola Adam Steinbach Technical Director Adam Steinbach Technical Producer Luke Iverson Post-Production Supervisor Charlene Cocchiola Master Control Operator Charlene Cocchiola Lead Editor Charlene Cocchiola Editor Luke Iverson Foley Recordist Noah Savoie Music By James Barnes Lighting Design Kurt Rolfson Camera Operators Aaron Hetzel Luke Iverson Natalie Schuster Luke Schwan Adam Steinbach Assistant Cameras Charlene Cocchiola Aaron Hetzel Abigail Jorgenson Natalie Schuster Luke Schwan Chee Xiong Grips Aaron Hetzel Luke Iverson Natalie Schuster Boom Operator Charlene Cocchiola Ross Kohlhase Natalie Schuster Adam Steinbach

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