Friends Without Benefits - "Our Lips Are Sealed"

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Final Episode- The gang spills some secrets.

Cast: Jamie Miller: Abigail Jorgenson Micheal Martin: Benjamin Anderson Brittany Reynolds: Andrea Ewald Zoe Wright: Chee Xiong James “Fitz” Fitzpatrick: Luke Schwan Lisa the Co-worker: Ariel Glassman Patrick Collins: James Barnes Crew: Created by: Justine Braun Director: Justine Braun Technical Director: Justine Braun, Adam Steinbach Executive producer: Justine Braun Producers: Charlene Cocchiola, Adam Steinbach Technical Producer: Luke Iverson Post-Production Supervisor: Charlene Cocchiola Master Control Operator: Charlene Cocchiola Lead Editor: Charlene Cocchiola Editor: Luke Iverson, Natalie Schuster Music By: James Barnes Lighting Design Kurt Rolfson Camera Operators: Aaron Hetzel, Luke Iverson, Natalie Schuster, Luke Schwan, Adam Steinbach, Ross Kohlhase Assistant Cameras: Charlene Cocchiola, Aaron Hetzel, Natalie Schuster, Luke Schwan, Chee Xiong, Benjamin Anderson Grips: Aaron Hetzel, Luke Iverson, Natalie Schuster, Ross Kohlhase Boom Operator: Ross Kohlhase, Natalie Schuster, Adam Steinbach Set Designer Eve Funnell

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