Works in Progress, 'The Importance...'

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Finale: 'The Importance of Being Honest' After Emma hears Brandon went on a date with a girl in the play she starts acting funny. After she rewrites part of the script Veronica drops out of the play the day before it opens, leaving Emma with some tough and nerve racking choices.

Emilia Castor: Justine Braun, Brandon Flowers: Josh Decker, Oliver Riley: Matt Nielsen, Veronica Wallace: Mikaela Higgins, Professor Montgomery: Daniel Meyer, Stan: Andy Thoman Written by: Justine Braun Directed by: Justine Braun and Kyle Kohl Produced by: Justine Braun, Reegan Wallander and Ryan Von Drasek Director of Photography: Tyler Frodl Edited by: David Seering

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