Paradox Division, "Differance"

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In the thrilling series finale, Jacob makes a decision that could have dramatic consequences. Meanwhile, Calvin and Steph try to fight off an invasion from Quint within the base itself.

Cast: Walter Blakey (as Calvin), Josh Decker (as Jacob), Sabine-Johanna Perry (as Steph), Kristina Frank (as Bethany), Jacob Lefeber (as Quint), Lisa Donner (as Danielle) _________ Crew: Taylor Berglund (director, producer, writer), Eli Wickman (director, producer), Kurt Rolfson (director of photography, producer), Alden Frautschy (producer, audio supervisor), Reegan Wallander (producer), Sam Troz (producer, video effects designer, editor), Matt Brandis (editor), Char Cocchiola (editor), Sara Wirtz (assistant director), Mariah Tralongo (first assistant camera), Janelle Schmidt (second first assistant camera), Abbey Jorgenson (second assistant camera, audio), Amanda Cartwright (gaffer), Sally Corbett (audio), Lisa Donner, (audio), Megan Lemire (script supervisor), Luke Iverson (assistant editor), Danny Benzel (assistant editor)

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