Achieve It - Achieve It

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Johanna, classified as a "Something" girl, is content with the life she lives. She doesn't worry too much about her image or what people think about her, but instead focuses on being happy. Brian, am up-incoming hotshot at Aidem industries catches Johanna breaking the law and decides to make a documentary about Johanna in the hopes that it will put him on the fast track to executive status. After being pressured by Aidem, her best friend Ava and a new found love interest, Johanna struggles to decide whether or not she wants to make the change to "It" status, changing her life completely.

Andrea Ewald, Max Wannow, Sabine-Johanna Perry, Ryan Knuteson, Vaughn Turner, David Kurtz, Andrew Trainor, Goeff Pritzl Lisa Donner, Luke Stevens, Amanda Carwright, Andrew Trainor, Meghan Kelsey, Alex Ovedal, Geoff Pritzl, Clay Dyke, David Yanish, Justin Neitzel, Joe Milke, Alden Frautschy, Natalie Schuster, Pat Stevens, Ben Alden

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