Achieve It - Sacrifice It

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Johanna realizes the extent of the sacrifices she must make in the process of achieving "It" status. Brian struggles with the ethical dilemmas surrounding the extreme time constraints of Jo's change.

Cast: Andrea Ewald, Ryan Knuteson, Sabine Johanna-Perry, Max Wannow, Vaughan Tuner Crew: Lisa Donner, Luke Stevens, Andrew Trainor, Meghan Kelsey, Amanda Cartwright, Alex Ovadal, Geoff Pritzl, Justin Neitzel, Natalie Schuster, Ben Alden, Pat Stevens, Sung Hee Park, Matt Hendrickson, Brianna Noffke, Taylor Erhman, Miles Morkri

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1/21 at 8:30 PM
1/28 at 6:30 PM