Polar Bear Episode 1 - Taking Back the Fall

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Polar Bear is about Adam, a college student with bipolar disorder, and his struggles with his illness, maintaining his friendships between his roommate, Andrew, his best friend, Dani, and others along the way, and trying to accept help from Magnus, the therapist Adam is seeing.

Adam: Aaron Busse, Andrew: Kris Wilke, Dani: Audrey Riechers, Magnus: James Barnes, Maria: Lauren Patritto, Marco: Tyler Mortier Producer: Cliff Miller and Vaughan Turner; Director: Anthony Montalvo; Asst. Director: Alex Wright; Director of Photography: Luke Schwan; Sound Design: Anthony Montalvo and Vaughan Turner; Lights: Matt Holajn and Yu Yang; Sound: Garrett Denning, Yu Yang, and Anthony Montalvo; Editors: Samuel Adams, Thomas Campbell, and Anthony Montalvo; Production Assistants: Martin Bauer, Joseph Foote, Helena Gerritsen, Jacob Gruber, Landan Polk, Bradley Thiel

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