Polar Bear Episode 2 - Standing On Thin Ice

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After his argument with Andrew, Adam must move past it and continue on with things. But when Adam witnesses Dani and Magnus having a conversation, his "polar bear" side of him shows up once again.

Adam: Aaron Busse, Andrew: Kris Wilke, Dani: Audrey Riechers, Magnus: James Barnes, Ashley: Bridget Zangs, Maria: Lauren Patritto; Producer: Cliff Miller, Vaughan Turner, Anthony Montalvo; Director: Anthony Montalvo; Director of Photography: Luke Schwan; Assistant Director: Alex Wright; Sound Director: David Lamb; Sound: Matt Holajn; Post-Production: Luke Schwan; Editor: Samuel Adams, Anthony Montalvo; Production Assistant: Amanda Beistle, Garrett Denning

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