Polar Bear Episode 4

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Adam finally learns about what Dani and Ashley have planned for the newspaper. Andrew asks Adam about their future together. Flash forward a few years, we check up on Adam. Finally, some parting words from Polar Bear creators Cliff Miller and Vaughan Turner along with Aaron Busse (Adam).

Adam: Aaron Busse, Dani: Audrey Riechers, Andrew: Kristopher Wilke, Magnus: James Barnes, Ashley: Bridget Zangs, Advanced Titan Staff: Ti Windisch, Alex Nemec, Alyssa Grove, Austin Walther, Jessica Johnson, Jessica Zemlicka, Raquel Tuohy, Nyreesha Williams-Torrence, Morgan van Lanen; Executive Producers: Cliff Miller and Vaughan Turner, Writers: Cliff Miller, Vaughan Turner, and Matt Holajn, Producer: Anthony Montalvo, Director: Anthony Montalvo, Assistant Director: Alex Wright, Director of Photography: Luke Schwan, Editors: Thomas Campbell and Vaughan Turner, Sound: Matt Holajn, Production Assistants: Amanda Beistle, Garrett Denning, Joseph Foote

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