The Professionals Ep. 1

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Geology Society President Dylan Issacs comes up with a desperate plan to save his dying organization that puts him at odds with Emily and his friend P.J.

Cast: Dylan: Vincent Delelio, Emily: Autumn Christensen, P.J.: Trevor Bowens, Jason: Tony Nash, Karen: Hannah Gallenberger, Taylor: Macy Thurler, Richard Pool: Dillon Fuhrman, Student 1: Helena Gerritsen, Student 2: David Yanish, Student 3: Justin Neitzel Crew: Executive Producer: David Yanish, Producers: Alex Ovadal and Brittany Klotz, Director: Justin Neitzel, Cinematography: Geoff Pritzl, Audio: Ben Peters, Production Design: Helena Gerritsen, Associate Producers: Alex Wright and Ben Peters, Assistant Director: Alex Wright, Oscar Benitez Janice Lee, Assistant Camera: Jacob Gruber, Tyree Pope, Script Supervisor: Martin Bauer, Dillon Fuhrman. Gaffer: Alex Johnson

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Tomorrow at 6:00 PM